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Team Speed & Conditioning Training

The average length of a session ranges from one hour (1hr)  to one hour and thirty minutes (1.5hr) in length.  (We will work until workout is completed)

INDIVIDUAL PAYMENT PLAN [Personal training in a one to one setting]

$95.00 + 13% HST ($12.35) = $107.35 
Note: Payment(s) are required at the beginning of each session.

TEAM PAYMENT PLAN: 12-15 Athletes

$350.00 + 13% HST ($45.50) = $395.50 per session

[Registered team from another club, school training in a specialized sport]
(i.e. Soccer, Softball, football, Volleyball)


$395.50 (Per session) x 4 = $1582.00

Discount $1582.00 – 10% ($158.20) = $1423.80

Payment(s) are required at the beginning of the first session of each 4-week cycle.

NOTE: Fees for 16 or more athletes per session are negotiated according to coaching and program needs

PAYMENT OPTIONS:  Cheques – Cash – E-Mail Transfer

(Fees paid to OT Fitness is for coaching of athletes ONLY.