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Sponsorship Opportunities

Under most situations it is very difficult for commercial ventures to secure access to schools and their students. However, we have established valuable working relationships with the people who run the educational system in Ontario.

OT Fitness has achieved a position of trust when it comes to bringing non-curricular programs and activities into schools. Our ground breaking work has established a valuable working relationship with educators; they know that OT Fitness's programs enrich the lives of their students. Our access to schools and students is unique and provides opportunities for corporations interested in sponsoring opportunities. We have already delivered our programs to over 800,000 Ontario school age children, working in over 600 elementary, secondary schools and community centres in the GTA, east to Ottawa, west to Windsor and north to Sioux Lookout and some fly-in communities.

OT Fitness long term goal is to create a sustainable program in each area of the GTA, and surrounding areas by creating a Delivery Team of 1 leader with 2-4 assistants to oversee the bookings and running of all the OT Fitness Programs. With this in mind OT Fitness can create a turnkey delivery system with a delivery team in each major city in Ontario. With the assistance of other sporting organizations such as Athletics Ontario, we have access to Olympic and national athletes that OT Fitness can employ as part of our delivery team. This makes it easy to branch out from Ontario to other provinces. By working with each provincial track and field body (ie Athletics Alberta, B.C Athletics, Athletics Nova Scotia) we can duplicate the OT Fitness model. Through this network, we will be able to deliver this program nationally.

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