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Track and Field Challenge

The Track Challenge, is a track meeting that focuses on mass participation rather than individual winners. With over 5000 students participating yearly, this event is the perfect opportunity to introduce young students to the joy of track and field in a non-competitive format. Each school / Group will have a team size of 15 to 20 students. Groups size will depending on the total participants. Each group will start at a given event and will rotate clockwise until all groups have visited each event station. Students will have the opportunity to participate at each event at least 2 time or as many times as he or she wishes in order to better his or her results in the allotted time (approximately 10 - 15 min.) before rotating to the next event.

Possible Events:
50m / 100m Sprints / Hurdles
200m Sprint
400m Run
5 Stride Long Jump
5 Stride Triple Jump
Shot Put (Rubber Shots)
Javelins throw (Turbo)
Discus Throws (Rubber Discs)

This event can be organized so that each student performance can be track (for additional cost).