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One Goal, One Vision

OT Fitness provide programs that promote health and physical literacy, assisting in core skills development of children and teens. OT Fitness looks at the obstacles to a healthy lifestyle and helps kids jump over them, crawl under them, run around them and tackle them head on.



Milt_Ottey, 3 time Canadian Olympian High Jumper - Number One Ranked High Jumper in the world in 1982 - Over The Top Fitness; Its About The Kids

Over The Top.  It's the catch phrase of Milt Ottey's OT Fitness.  The "OT" directly refers to the motivating motto.  Indeed, Milt Ottey, founder and CEO of Milt Ottey's OT Fitness, a former world-class Canadian track and field athlete and #1-ranked high jumper in the world (1982), motivational speaker, entrepreneur, fitness expert ...

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