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OT Fitness Programs Overview

OT Fitness Educational Service
OT Fitness Educational Service

OT Fitness programs are flexible in handling your space, timetabling, or supervision needs. We are able to assist or train basic physical motor skills integral to other sports (running, jumping, throwing, balancing, upper and lower body strength, agility, power and co-ordination)

OT Fitness has been doing so in schools and community centres since 2004. Our goal is simple – to provide programs that promote fitness to children and teens. Our activities are safe, fun, educational, challenging yet non-threatening and give every student the opportunity to participate to the best of their own ability OT Fitness activities give students opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills, at their own level. The activities are fun and enjoyable, and help students develop positive attitudes towards fitness.

Learning fundamental movement skills and applying movement concepts and principles helps students increase their comfort, confidence, competence, and proficiency with movement, thereby increasing their rates of overall physical activity and improving their health. When fun and enjoyment are part of skill development and physical activity, students are more likely to develop positive attitudes towards lifelong healthy, active living.

We provide a range of enjoyable programs that promote fitness and the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle to children and teens.  Our activities are safe, fun, educational, challenging yet non-threatening and give every student the opportunity to participate to the best of their own ability.  Our programs include:

  • Professional Learning Communities (PLC/TLCP) Creative Health and Fitness Student Workshop
  • Indoor Agility Challenge, Grade 2-10 (3, 5 or 10 stations) + “Fun in Athletics” Relay Challenge
  • Kinder Agility (6-12 stations) JK – Grade 1
  • Outdoor Sports-day, September to October and May to June (10-14 stations)
  • Elementary School Ontario Team Competition Championship Series (Grade 4-8)
  • Secondary Team Competition Series (Grade 9-10)
  • WorldMarathon Relay Challenge
  • OT fitness Track Challenge (1-6 schools – Community Centres).  Intra-school or Inter-school
  • Custom programs based on input from schools, community centres and organizations.
  • After School Program / Family Fun Fairs / Family Fitness Nights – Motivational Speaking
  • Track Field Coaching (Grade 6-12)

All programs are inclusive and adaptable for K – Gr. 8 for indoor or outdoor Agility Challenge or Sports-day all activities are fun and gives opportunities for student leadership and mentoring

All OT Fitness programs starts with all students being placed into groups, with a introduction and explanation of: safety, expectation. We encourage the participation all teachers and support staff that may be in the gymnasium, so please come ready to participate.

                             Why use OT Fitness:

  • fun activities that encourage student leadership/mentoring
  • inclusive and adaptable for JK-Gr 8 students.     
  • suitable for indoors / outdoors; assists in the development of basic physical motor skills that are integral to other sports (jumping, throwing, balancing, running, body conditioning, strength, agility, power, coordination, etc.)
  • a stress free service that offers flexibility in handling your space, timetabling, and planning needs.

All OT Fitness programs and activities rely on assistance for older student leaders / Support staff and or teachers in the running of all programs.

For information on The Ontario Curriculum requirement, for Kindergarten to grade 8,