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School Fitness Workshops

Welcome Back sports-Day...  Keeping students active and engaged, while teachers are participating in professional development workshops.  OT Fitness will coordinate a combination of different fitness activities for your students; using 3 / 4 fitness areas in the school (Gymnasium, Library, Classroom, Open area etc.)  Activities include; Physical Fitness, Agility Challenge, FIA Relays, Traditional Sporting Activities and games, Dance/ Zumba, Boot-Camp, Team Building and Motivational Speakers.. 

With teachrs attending meetings, OT Fitness will engage your students in safe, fun, physical fitness activities with minimal involvement of other staff or supply teachers. Many of our schools have used our services 3-5 times throughout a year.

Activity session's last aproximetly 2.5 -3hr for the AM or PM.  Physical Activities will depend on space available.

Price:    (contact us for further details)

(Example of typical time frame:  AM 9:00 – 11:25 / PM1:00 – 3:20)

We are very flexible to the changing needs of schools throughout the day’s activities.  We understand that a quick start maybe for the activities mybe necessary. OT Fitness staff will be ready to receive your students’ right after the attendance and announcements. Please instruct your teachers to bring their students to the designated activity area before reporting to the meeting area.

Due to the nature of this event OT Fitness cannot reschedule a PLC / TLCP at the last minute due to weather conditions etc., therefore all PLC / TLCP Fitness workshops are scheduled to take place indoor. However, should the weather conditions make it possible to have some or all events outside, we will demonstrate a degree of flexibility as appropriate. The final decision will be at the discretion of the OT Fitness staff Team leader on site in agreement with the principal and or schools contact.

Please note that we are experts in the product that we delivery and everything we do is focused on the students, so safety is always our primary concern and every member of our staff upholds the appropriate safety standards. 

All OT Fitness programs start with an introduction to include event explanation, safety and expectations for the day. We encourage the participation all teachers and support staff that may be in the gymnasium so please come ready to participate!