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A word from Milt

As a result of our good work and commitment to kids fitness, our partnership with the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) has been renewed for the coming 2018-19 academic school year. In addition, with our ongoing working relationship with Athletics Ontario we are working on expanding our programing.

We are looking forward to delivering our Fun in Athletics programs to your school for the coming school year!

Physical Literacy Workshops / Professional Learning Community (PLC/TPLC /DPA)
Indoor – Agility Challenge + Fun in Athletics Relay – Grade 1 - 10
Kinder Agility 4 - 12 stations
Outdoor Sports-Day (September – October / May – June) 10 – 14 stations

After 4 School Programs / Lunch Programs / Family fun Fairs / Motivational speaking

 Why use OT Fitness:

  • Activities are fun and engaging
  • Encourages student leadership/mentoring
  • inclusive and adaptable for JK-Gr 8 students    
  • Programes are flexable in use of space for indoors or outdoor

All OT Fitness programs develope core motor skills that are intergral to other sports (Running, Jumping, Throwing, Balancing, Condititioning and Coordination). OT Fitness functions start with an welcome introduction includes: event explanation, safety and expectations for the day.

We encourage the participation all teachers and support staff that may be in the gymnasium or field.  so please come ready to participate!

HST is applicable to all OT Fitness Services

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