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Programs                       Grades          Prices        Discount Prices          DISCOUNTED TIME PERIOD

Agility Challenge               2-8              $1200             $1000                   September - December  2015

Kinder Challenge              JK-1              $1200             $1000                   September - December 2015   

Welcome Back Outdoor  All Grades      $1200               -                    September – October 2015
Fitness Challenge (Weather Permitting)   Extra $200  including Kinders

OT Fitness would like to invite booking from any Summer Day Camps / Summer School Programs looking to incorporate physical activities and skills development into their summer program.

We provide a flexible combination of the following programs:

INDOOR AGILITY CHALLENGE : Your students will challenge their overall fitness levels by participate in 5 -10 Agility Challenge events. All activities are performed in the Gymnasium.

KINDER AGILITY CHALLENGE: Much like the Agility Challenge, the Kinder Challenge equipment is size appropriate and offers each child the opportunity to play, dance, run, jump and throw
OUTDOOR FITNESS CHALLENGE: Students will participate in a combination of Track and Field and Co-Operative Games, Soccer Skills, Boot-Camp  and other Team Games 

OT Fitness will provide full leadership, organization and equipment with assistance from older students or school staff.

 This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

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