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Lawfield 17th in World Marathon Challenge

 They were rewarded with a 17th place finish in an impressive time of 2hours 11 minutes and 21 seconds.
The weather was forecast to be sunny with temperatures reaching 22c but surprisingly for the time of year, we had to contend with cloudy, windy and rainy conditions for the 7th annual World Marathon Challenge held at Lawfield Elementary School in Hamilton.  We had a late change in venue due to the ongoing renovations work at Metro York Track & Field complex which meant that we had to quickly seek another venue with enough space to mark out a 200m track on the field; so a big thank you to Lawfield for coming to the rescue and offering to host the event with such short notice.

The 2 schools participating this year were; the home team Lawfield and the away team Highview Elementary.  This was the first that that Highview entered the event so the students were naturally excited but apprehensive as to what to expect.  Lawfield on the other hand are 7th time participants so were ready and very prepared for the challenge.

Under normal circumstances we would have the comfort of an indoor 200m track at the York Metro so the weather conditions wouldn’t be a factor so I have to commend the students for braving the elements and doing such a great job.  Well done everyone!

The final results were:  Lawfield were placed 17th out of 88 school participants in a time of 02:11:21 and Highview were placed 45th in a time of 02:24:55.