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2017 World Marathon Challenge

Lawfield Elementary School in Hamilton Ontario will host the 2017 World Marathon Challenge for the 4 year.  This year Lawfield will be the only team running at this venue. The team will run a full marathon distance of 42.195km, attempting to collectively beat the men’s world marathon record of  2:02:57, set by Dennis Kimetto of Kenya on September 28, 2014, at the Berlin Marathon

Age Categories:
13 years and under

Each team member will wear a number from 1 to 32 and each run a total of 6 x 200m in a relay format until the marathon distance is completed.

This event, in accordance with all OT Fitness events, promotes teamwork in a fun and fitness activity and gives students an insight of the incredible effort it took for 1 individual to accomplish what 32 of them attempt to achieve.

The marathon distance of 42.195 kilometers is divided into 210 x 200m sections plus a 195m section that is run at the start of the relay. Each team will carry a baton which must travel the full marathon distance. Thus, if a baton is dropped, it must be retrieved by the runner who dropped it. The baton must be passed to the next runner and not thrown at any time (Take-over relay boxes will not be used).

Date: Wednesday October 5, 2017
Event Start Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm
Lawfield Elementary School outdoor field -  45 Berko Avenue,Hamilton, Ontario L8V0A2

The Marathon Challenge is a great event to celebrate schools Terry Fox Runs. If you are interested in providing this opportunity for your student body, please contact the OT Fitness office