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OT Fitness is the market leading company that provides health and fitness activity programs for school-age children in the province of Ontario. We provide a variety of programs, from our Agility Challenge to our Team Competition (detailed in Appendix A) that assists in core motor skills development, leadership, mentoring of children and teens. These programs have been delivered to more than 425,000 students in Ontario. OT Fitness has proven excellence in the delivery of health and physical activities to children in Ontario and other areas in Canada that address the current epidemic of disease caused by physical inactivity in youth.

In the current landscape, we find that 45% of elementary schools in Ontario do not have a certified physical educator on staff. Students are only having physical activity classes 2 times per week for less than 45 minutes on each occasion. Ontario school-age children are inactive and are getting a failing grade in their overall health and fitness. Presently, we have organizations spending hundreds of thousands of dollars advertising “Bring back Play”. Children are overweight and spend more time watching television and playing video games than they do getting exercise. More and more, they no longer walk or ride bikes to school; instead parents drop them off before heading to work. “Parents are loving their kids to death”.

OT Fitness has achieved a position of trust when it comes to bringing non-curricular programs and activities into schools. There are undoubtedly other organizations that offer facilities to encourage children to visit their location to participate in their programs and also programs that leave resources and equipment for teachers to read and implement. OT Fitness however, looked at the problem of inactivity in children and addressed it by bringing the programs to mass numbers of students in their schools.

“The OT Fitness programs for children have been designed by experts in sports education to help young people, at play in a safe environment develop motor skills; build healthy bodies; contribute to character development and leadership skills”, D. Huffer (Grant) & J Grant Physical Education & Health Teachers, Lawfield School (Hamilton).

OT Fitness works alongside Sporting organizations such as Athletics Ontario, Athletics Canada, and other fitness and sporting bodies to enhance the quality of programs we offer to schools. OT Fitness is the preferred grass roots development program for Athletics Ontario.

Under normal circumstances, it is very difficult for commercial ventures to secure access to schools and their students. OT Fitness Programs have been tried, tested and proven successful with over 425,000 children in 600 schools across Ontario participate in them over the last 10 years. On an annual basis, we introduce over 40,000 Ontario school age children from elementary to secondary schools to health, fitness and the joy of athletics.

1.1 The Concept

Title Sponsorship: sponsoring a youth oriented physical fitness program that promotes health and wellness, sportsmanship, competition, leadership and introduces children of all ages to the joy and value of athletics and track and field.

1.2 Opportunity

OT Fitness Educational Services Inc. is the ideal vehicle if, as a sponsor, the objective is to reach school age children, their families and friends. Under most situations it is very difficult for commercial ventures to secure access to schools and their students. However, we have established valuable working relationships with the people who run the educational system in Ontario. OT Fitness has achieved a position of trust when it comes to bringing non-curricular programs and activities into the schools. Our ground breaking work has established a valuable working reality with educators; they know that OT Fitness’s programs enrich the lives of their students. Our access to schools and students is unique and provides opportunities for corporations interested in sponsoring opportunities. We have already delivered our programs to over 425,000 Ontario school age children, working in over 600 elementary, secondary schools and community centres in the GTA, east to Ottawa, west to Windsor and north to Sioux Lookout and some fly-in communities.

1.3 The OT Fitness Solution

OT Fitness Educational Services Inc. delivers a variety of youth oriented physical activities and programs. These programs can be offered individually or bundled as a group, providing a sponsor with exposure to the participants and observers. The sponsor’s name, logo and message can be exposed to these people in signage, in print, through celebrity speaker appearances and via news releases to the media.

Programs include: