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Outdoor Sports- Day September – October / May - June (10 – 14 stations) JK - Grade 8

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This fun day is a combination of events from our different programs, team relays, track and field, soccer skills  and some unique and fun sports from around the world. The emphasis on the day is fun, teamwork and student interaction. The OT Fitness staff will design and create activities that will be fun and exciting for both staff and student alike. In years past we have found that schools like to do these events as either a Welcome Back to school or an excellent end to the year

3.7 Soccer Skills Program
This is a fun introduction to the basic skills required to play soccer.
Basic 6 - Introductory level for all children to acquire the basic skills to play soccer in a fun and safe environment.
Upper 7 - Advanced skills particularly suited to those children who wish to make the school team and a useful tool for fair team selection.

3.8 OT Fitness Track Challenge (2 or more schools / Community Centres)
OT Fitness will manage your track day, giving a non-competitive and mass participation introduction to the joy of track and field. Our team will organize and set up all events such as 50m -150m / 50m -100m hurdles / triple jump, long jump, javelin (the safety type), shot put, discus and other track related events. Additional instructions will be given to students and staff ensuring they learn the correct techniques, but most importantly all to have fun.  In 2012 OT Fitness was contracted by Athletics Ontario to host the Track challenge in conjunction with the Finals of the National Track League (NTL) On July 11, at Varsity Stadium in Toronto.  OT Fitness invites 6 Community Centres summer Camps involving over 350 campers to participate in the Track challenge

3.9 Summer Day Camp Program
OT Fitness offers all of the above services to summer and day camp for a half day or full day of fun fitness workshop.


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