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Elementary and Secondary Schools Team Competition Ontario Championship Series

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The Elementary Team Competitions involves at least six to eight teams of 15 boys and 15 girls (Grades 4- 6 / 6-8). All results are combined for the team to come out ahead. No single individual wins or loses (It’s a team effort). The event stresses the benefits of leadership and team work. These elementary school children are brought together at a local high school gymnasium where the equipment for each discipline are laid out. If you plan to attend the event, be sure to bring ear plugs as the excitement level reaches a fever pitch! OT Fitness has been successfully running the Ontario Team Competition series for the past 10 years and is one of our most eagerly anticipated annual events.  The Grade 4-6 Team Competition does not lead to a Championship. This is provided as an option on a case-by-case basis.

With sponsorship assistance, we can improve upon the current format in order to attract more schools and community centres. Our goal is to create a legacy of fun and fitness that will give all children a fantastic experience with physical activity, teamwork and provide them with memories that will last a lifetime. We will do this by expanding from our current 8 competition format (comprised of 8 regional competitions, 1 Ontario Finals and 1 high school competition) to a 20-24 regional competition format. This would include new areas and new schools. This new format will help decides a true Ontario champion and ultimately lead to a Canadian championship event.

The possibilities are limitless: Using the 8 Regional Competitions and 1 Ontario Finals we would have the following numbers:

8 Regional Competitions Breakdown
Grade 4-6 (AM) 180 students/ Grade 6-8 (PM) 180 students

Number of students per school: 64 students per schools = 512 students per competition
Number of participants: 8 x 512 students = 4096 students participating
With 256 grade 6-7-8 students from 8 schools moving on to the Ontario Championship.

Secondary School Team Competition Series are designed for Grade 9-10 students. Each team consisting of 8 boys and 8 girls are brought together to compete in an event that closely resembles the Elementary Team competition. This event has been adapted to suit the older secondary school students.

Regional Competition Breakdown
Grade 9-10 (64 students per competition)

Number of students per school: 8 students per schools = 64 students per competition
Number of participants: 8 x 64 students = 512 students participating
With64 students from 8 schools moving on to the Ontario Championship

The Ontario Championship Series format can be extended to include regional events in other Southern Ontario Schools in:  Windsor, London, Kitchener, Guelph, St. Catherines, Niagara Falls, Kingston and Ottawa.

The Lead sponsor of the Elementary School Team Competition and/or the Secondary School Team Competition will also have branding  complementary at all OT Fitness events and programs (Agility & Kinder Challenge- Soccer skills – Outdoor Sport-Day – PLC). With these added events, over 40,000 to 50,000 participants will have had direct exposure to sponsors’ branding.

Our goal is to create a sustainable program in each area of the GTA, and surrounding areas: Brampton and Mississauga, Toronto, Durham, Hamilton. By creating a Delivery Team of 1 leader with 2-4 assistants to oversee the booking and running of all the OT Fitness Programs. With this in mind OT Fitness can create a turnkey system with a delivery team in each major city in Ontario. With the assistance of other sporting organizations such as Athletics Ontario, we have access to Olympic and national athletes that OT Fitness can employ as part of our delivery team. This makes it easier to branch out from Ontario to other provinces. By working with each provincial track and field body (i.e. Athletics Alberta, BC Athletics, Athletics Nova Scotia) we can duplicate the OT Fitness model.  Through this network, we will be able to deliver this program nationally.

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