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World Marathon Challenge

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The 2013 date for this event is scheduled for October 23rd. We are expecting 2 or more  teams of 18 Boys and 18 Girls under the age of 13 from Toronto and Hamilton to participate at York University Track to compete against other teams from around the world. The World Marathon Challenge is a relay event for teams of between 26 and 36 children who race other teams at different venues around the world over a full marathon distance (42.195km), while attempting to beat the world marathon record time of 2h3m38s, held by Kenya’s Patrick Makau.

In 2012 under the Save the Children banner we had 50 countries fielding over 450 teams in an effort to beat the present men’s and women’s World Record. Each student will be given a number from 1 to 32. Each student will run a total of 6 x 200m in a relay format until the marathon distance is completed.

This event as is all the OT Fitness events promote teamwork fun fitness activities and give students an insight of what it take 32 of them to do 1 individual has done.

The Marathon Challenge can be modified from its original format to suit many different needs for schools and community centers, from remote competitions tracked via the internet, to distance tracking where students can set a distance goal

The Marathon Challenge is a perfect inclusion into a school Terry Fox Run.